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Thank you for choosing to join the AFP Greater Dallas Chapter. By becoming a Greater Dallas Chapter member you also become an International member of the AFP organization. A portion of your annual dues will go to the Greater Dallas Chapter with the remainder going to the AFP International organization.

When you join or renew, please be sure to update the demographic information that is part of your member profile. This will help AFP Global better serve its diverse membership through the programming and opportunities it offers.

Why should I be involved in AFP?

Here are a few reason why you should make AFP part of your professional advancement program.

  1. Networking: Chapter meetings provide the opportunity to meet someone, hear a new idea, or learn of a new opportunity to advance your career.
  2. International: FP has chapters in Canada and other parts of the world. There is a great body of influence to support legislative changes to support philanthropy globally.
  3. International Conference: Learn from the leaders in the industry. This conference brings in the best from all around the world. Sessions on annual funds, planned giving, major gift fundraising, and numerous other topics are available for you.
  4. Ethics: This program gives you information that will help make decisions that can have a major impact on your organization. The Donor Bill of Rights is a direct result of ethics in AFP.
  5. Education: AFP helps you keep up with new trends, programs, current and new laws. This may be the most important reason to belong to AFP if you are serious about your fundraising career.
  6. Mentoring: Whether you're looking for a seasoned professional to help you progress or you want to share your knowledge and experience, the AFP Mentoring Program is a great place to learn.
  7. Chapter Programs: Each local chapter provides scholarships to help you attend the various programs and conferences, as well as providing local programs for your continuing education.
  8. Resource Center: This center is a wealth of information for your access. Board orientation, tax laws, planned giving, annual funds, as well as a library of books and articles.

By clicking on the link below you will be connected to our International Headquarter website. The most up-to-date membership information is available at the site and you will have the opportunity to join AFP online. Membership benefits, dues, terms and levels are explained on the application.

In addition to the numerous membership benefits of AFP International, benefits of the Greater Dallas Chapter include:

  • Discount / invitation to Monthly Meetings for networking and furthering your fundraising education. (See Calendar)
  • Discount / invitation to Webinars (See Calendar)
  • Discounts on DFW Philanthropy Conference and Southwest Fundraising Symposium
  • Invitation to National Philanthropy Day
  • Monthly E-Newsletters (See Newsletter for current newsletter)
  • Access to Membership Directory (See Membership Directory)
  • Voting privileges

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