National Philanthropy Day Sponsors

Interested in being a sponsor for 2018? Contact us for more information.

South Texas Money Management

Boy Scouts of America

Chick-Fil-A Foundation

Texas Capital Bank

Texas Health Resources Foundation

La Cima Club

M. Gale & Associates

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Murray Media

The Color of Money

AFP NOW Campaign


Once again we are asking members of the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals to make a philanthropic investment to the AFPNow! Campaign that supports our profession, the work of our chapter, and the AFP International Foundation.

The first goal is 100% participation by your board of directors, which is a requirement of board service. Then we have set a 20% member participation goal for 2018, and finally, a fundraising goal of $10,000. It is important for you to know that 70% of each dollar raised will stay here at our Chapter, and 30% of dollars raised will be sent to the AFP International Foundation.

This is an exciting opportunity for our members to support both the Greater Dallas Chapter AFP and the AFP Foundation with one gift. Together, we can reach our goals!

Gifts both large and small will be gratefully received. You can make a one-time gift online, or mail in your gift or schedule payments throughout the year by downloading the 2018 pledge form. Please contact 2018 AFP Now! Chair , if you have questions.

Be part of the 2018 AFP Now! Campaign and support educational programming for your Greater Dallas Chapter AFP!

A very special thanks to these generous people who helped us reach our 2017 goals!

Debra Atteberry
Sue Bailey
Stephanie Brigger
Tracy Brown
Mary Brumbach, CFRE
William Bryant, Jr.
Meagan Burton
Linda Cadigan
Tameka Cass
Jeff Cathey, CFRE
Leslie Clay
Tori Correll, CFRE
Jane Costello
Tara Dunn
Paul Dunne, CFRE
Sarah Elliott
Jim Falk, CFRE
Mary Freeman, CFRE
Hannah Orsburn Garcia
John Gilchrist, CFRE
Pagett Gosslee, CFRE
Leona Harder
Ellen Haynes
Victoria Hobbs, CFRE
Kimberly Humphries, CFRE
Teri Isaacs
Vicki Johnson
Sheridan Joslin
Amy Juba, CFRE
Mary Kardell
Sharon King
Victor Korelstein, CFRE
LeeAnn Le Goff
Diana Marquis, CFRE
Barbara McColm
Karen McDaniels
Dulari Mehta
Jan Murfield, CFRE
Melanie Perkins
Victoria Ramsey
Whitney Reilly
Rebecca Rhule, CFRE
Anne Robillard, CFRE
Carole Rylander, CFRE
Luanne Samuel, CFRE
Cindy Scott Treece
Shawn Wills, CFRE
Judy Wright