AFP Now! Campaign 2022


Please join the AFP Greater Dallas Chapter Board of Directors in investing in the important work that our profession engages in every day by supporting our annual AFP Now! Campaign. Seventy percent of your gift supports the work of our chapter in providing educational opportunities and career support for development professionals through all stages of their career in fundraising and 30% provides support for the AFP International Foundation. Donations to the Foundation go toward funding the four pillars of AFP's Case for Support — Leadership, Ethics, Research, and IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access).

As a requirement of Board service, 100% of our Board participates in our AFP Now! Campaign each year. If every member will commit to a making a gift we could also achieve 100% member participation. We are grateful for your support at any level that works for you.

The work we all do to support Dallas area nonprofits has never been more important and together we can help each other thrive.

You can make a one-time gift online, mail in your gift, or schedule gifts throughout the year by downloading a pledge form. If you have any questions, please contact 2022 AFP Now! Campaign Chair .

Donate Now

Thanks to our 2021 AFP Now! donors:

Paul Ammons
Sue Bailey
Ragan Blackmon
Christie Baskett
Stephanie Brigger, CFRE
Mary Brumbach, CFRE
Tameka Cass
Donna Chandler
Tori Correll, CFRE
Jane Costello
Erin Dougherty
John Drake
Paul Dunne, CFRE
James Falk, CFRE
Mary Freeman, CFRE
David Garrett
Don Garrett, CFRE
Michael George, CFRE
John Gilchrist
Pagett Gosslee, CFRE
Jasmine Greeson
Jana Haigood
Kimberly Humphries, CFRE
Diana Kao
Emily Kettlewell
Rebekah Kornblum
Rebecca Little
Diana Marquis, CFRE
Barbara McColm
Holly Miori
Christina Moore Salinas, CFRE
Holly Miori, CFRE
Deborah Montonen, CFRE
Veronica Moreno
Jan Murfield, CFRE
Melanie Perkins
Cheryl Reynolds
Jami Ritter
Anne Robillard, CFRE
Carole Rylander, CFRE
Luanne Samuel, CFRE
Devon Smith
Laura Tovar
Ben Vann
Lynn Vogt, CFRE
Natalie Voigts
Lesley Warren
Linda Wassenich, CFRE
Ashanti WIlliams
Shawn Wills, CFRE