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AFP Outstanding Fundraising Executive

This award is designed for an outstanding individual fundraising executive who practices his / her profession in an exemplary manner. Your nomination should include the following:

  • Description of career achievements, i.e. length and tenure of fundraising background, experience and results. The recipient must have at least fifteen years professional fundraising experience.
  • Evidence of quality of leadership that is effective, creative and stimulating and evidence that the individual acts as a team player.
  • Membership in AFP and evidence that individual practices and promotes the AFP Code of Ethical Principles & Standards of Professional Practice for fundraising executives.
  • Description of individual's commitment to continuing professional development, including AFP certification (CFRE/ACFRE), conference participation, publication and professional education.
  • Evidence of commitment to this profession and to philanthropy through voluntary service and financial support of not-for-profit organizations.

Past Honorees

Outstanding Fundraising Executive 2017 - Pagett Gosslee, CFRE

1981 J. J. Guise, Jr. *82
1982 Kent Waldrep, CFRE
1983 Patricia Ann Graham, CFRE
1984 Mary Metta Brinegar, CFRE
1985 No Recipient
1986 Edward M. Fjordbak
1987 Frederick M. Sherman, CFRE
1988 Gordon M. Caswell
1989 Linda R. Cadigan, CFRE
1990 Barbara M. James, CFRE
1991 E. Dwaine Wheatley, CFRE
1992 Robert C. Connor
1993 Jeanne D. Saunders, CFRE
1994 John A. Davis, CFRE
1995 Charles C. Sprague, M.D.
1996 Warren Gould
1997 W. Plack Carr, Jr.
1998 Rebecca Utley, CFRE
1999 Linda Wassenich, CFRE
2000 Ragan Rogers Blackmon, CFRE
2001 Katherine L. Friend, CFRE
2002 Mary A. Brumbach, Ph.D., CFRE
2003 Scott Buchanan, CFRE
2004 Kay Green
2005 John Roppolo
2006 Carole V. Rylander, CFRE
2007 Jan Zeigler, CFRE
2008 Lynn Vogt, CFRE
2009 JoLynne Jensen, CFRE
2010 David Krause
2011 Deborah Montonen, CFRE
2012 Lesly Bosch Annen
2013 April Box Chamberlain
2014 Milton Key
2015 James N. Falk, CFRE (Acceptance Speech)
2016 James C. Lewis, CFRE (Acceptance Speech)
2017 Pagett Gosslee, CFRE
2018 Luanne Samuel, CFRE

* Dallas Chapter Award recipients who became international AFP Awards for Philanthropy Honorees