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Tips for Submitting a Successful Nomination for the AFP Greater Dallas Chapter National Philanthropy Day Awards

Just as the quality of a proposal influences a potential funder considering many requests, the quality and completeness of a nomination application influences the Awards Selection Committee.  As fundraising professionals, our work demands well-written proposals and making a compelling case. Nominees for the National Philanthropy Day Awards deserve that same skill and commitment from us.

In an effort to help make completion of the nomination form as straightforward as possible, the Committee is pleased to provide these tips.  The tips do not replace the instructions provided with the application materials.

Send questions about the application or process to .

  1. The application deadline of Monday, April 15, 2024 is firm — no exceptions.

  2. Make sure your nominee meets the minimum requirements noted on the application. If not, please do not go forward with the nomination.

  3. Give comprehensively summarized answers (up to the maximum 300 words). Less is more, but less than 300 words can hurt a nomination.

  4. Use your responses to tell a story, not only to list or record facts. Compelling, well-organized and well-articulated content is critical for understanding why your nominee should receive the award.

  5. Specifically answer the question posed. Responses that do not tie directly to questions will receive low point scores and weaken your nominee's opportunity.

  6. Responses that verify your nominee's involvement with multiple organizations are much stronger than those which demonstrate your nominee's involvement with only your organization. Partner with those organizations to complete the nomination and include those organizations as nominators along with your organization.

  7. Letters of support that specify a nominee's impact can sometimes tip the balance in a close situation. Generic, non-specific letters of support do more harm than good.

  8. Have someone you trust proof the application for content and typos before you submit it. We all know what it's like to read poorly constructed proposals and letters.

Thank you for the time, thought and energy you are putting into submitting your nominations. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your applications!

2024 AFP Greater Dallas Awards Selection Committee Leadership

Carole Rylander, CFRE, Chair
Luanne Samuel, CFRE, Co-Chair

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